Ms. Stephano’s prolific nature and passion to help the global healthcare industry grow in a positive direction can be seen through her works; she is Editor-in Chief of Medical Tourism Magazine, Health Tourism Magazine, and the Healthcare Development Magazine, monthly and bimonthly journals that address all of the issues surrounding medical tourism, legal issues, sustainable healthcare development, health and wellness related issues and issues involving wellness programs.

Renée-Marie has brought about a world of change in the Medical Tourism and Health Tourism industry. Being an apt writer, she maintains a regular clean, fair and unbiased blog and is also Co-Author of three comprehensive educational guides for medical tourism.

Ms. Stephano’s finesse in providing educational resources for businesses and consumers has led to her publications the most renowned in their respective industry outreach.

The Medical Travel Facilitator

International Standards for Global Patient Management

A guide for any medical tourism facilitator, international patient coordinator or person considering offering facilitation services to international, expatriates, or traveling patients. This book provides start to finish guidelines from creating your patient protocols and case management programs to marketing to patients and working with hospitals

Developing an International Patient Center

A Guide to Creating the Best Patient Experience

A guide for any hospital, medical center, clinic or physician interested in developing an international patient program and attracting patients. This book provides a fresh approach to getting your global patient program underway; developing streamlines, patient protocols and case management programs to produce better outcomes, cultural consideration and the special needs and expectations of international, expatriate, and traveling patients.

Medical Tourism: An International Healthcare Guide

For Insurers, Employers and Governments

The definite guide for any international insurance company, multinational employers, health insurance agent or government who is involved with patients and insured who travel to other countries for healthcare. This book explains why patients are traveling for healthcare, what medical and dental procedures they are traveling for and what countries patients are traveling to.



Renée-Marie’s prowess as a speaker has made her stand out from the rest as she always strives to deliver her best through her presentations that are amazingly and uniquely very interesting and educational. Read More


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Ms. Stephano’s prolific nature and passion to help the global healthcare industry grow in a positive direction can be seen through her works as an author. Read More


Ms. Stephano delivers her exceptional background in International relations, Marketing and Health Law through assisting countries, healthcare clusters and hospitals. Read More


Ms. Stephano works with global health care providers to establish transparency with respect to the quality of care as they increase their flow of patients. Read More


As a President of the Medical Tourism Association, Renée-Marie consults government ministries, private sector organizations and NGO’s on the adoption of medical tourism as a platform of growth. Read More